About Poorvika

  • Founded in 2004 by Mr. Uvaraj Natarajan and Mrs. Kanni Uvaraj, The Poorvika Empire is 400+ Showrooms Strong and Growing Everyday.
  • Poorvika had rather humble beginnings when it opened its First Store in Kodambakkam, and quickly spread across the nation.
  • This was due to the People's Trust, as well as the Exemplary Quality and Customer Oriented Approach of the brand. Poorvika is now the Leading Multi-Brand Retail Outlet for Smartphones, Electronics and Domestic Appliances.
  • Poorvika has set course to become the No.1 Online Retailer in the Country, backed by the Efforts and Commitment of all 5000+ Proud Poorvikans, and the Trust and Support of Customers who made this possible.


Poorvika was born out of the Vision of Amalgamating the Look, Touch, and Feel of Mobile Phones with the Choice, Convenience, and Elegance of Modern Retail.


Poorvika's Mission has been unwavering since the beginning, and has always been Customer Centric. Poorvika is the People's Trusted One Stop Shop for all Tech Needs.

The Secret Behind Our Success

Customer Satisfaction and Upholding their Trust has always been the priority for the Poorvika Brand. It is this Mission & Vision that all Poorvikans work towards, ensuring the highest standards of quality across all Poorvika Platforms, and there is no doubt that Poorvika will soon be the No.1 Online Retailer in the Country.

Culture At Poorvika

Poorvika doesn't hesitate to say that it is their beloved employees, or Poorvikans, as they address themselves, who is responsible for building and being the blood that drives this Empire that is spread across multiple states.


The 4000+ Dedicated Staff who work together as a Family range from New Joiners who are yet to finish their first month here to veteran staff members who have been part of the Poorvika Family for years and even decades.

Poorvika itself operates more like a Close-Knit Family rather than a Cold, Calculating Corporate, Putting the Needs, Well Beings and Happiness of their Staffs & Families over gains and profits.


Everyone at Poorvika has a story of how the Company stood beside them in their time of need. Much like a Family, every Poorvikan works together, often at times Collaborating across Departments, Teams, and even States to bring the Idea of Poorvika into Reality.

Poorvika deals with Cutting Edge Technology and Processes, at times building Customized Systems Inhouse to take their Overall Efficiency to New Heights. Poorvika is always Evolving and Adapting New Innovations, with everyone from the Interns to the GMs and the CEO himself constantly Learning New Skills.


The Poorvika Family is famous for their readiness to help staff learn new skills, often sending Teams for Skill Building Classes and Conducting Exercises with Renowned Professionals